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Graduate Seminars

Spring 2020

Dr. Gul E. Kremer
Opportunities & Barriers to Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chains 


Dr. Karen Hicklin
Using Micro-simulation to Assess the Impact of Multi-component Interventions on Colorectal Cancer Screening


Fall 2019

Dr. Jiri Klemeš
Circular Economy and Smart Cities relations to Environmental Footprints


Dr. Gregory Harris
Is Industry Ready for Digital Manufacturing?


Dr. Erhan Kutanoglu
Integrated Flood Prediction and Stochastic Optimization




Dr. Rama Vasudevan
Machine & Deep Learning for Materials



Dr. Justin Jia
A Structured Solution of Prescriptive Analytics: Theory & Experiment  




Dr. Joseph Geunes
“Logistics Optimization Problems in Railyard Planning”




Dr. Xu Andy Sun
“New Advances in Network Constrained Non-convex Optimization”



Dr. Dali Wang
“Autonomous Non-destructive Evaluation of Resistance SPOT Welded Joints”

Dr. Wei Zheng
“When Design of Experiment Meets Computing”

Spring 2019

Dr. Julie Swann
“Engineering Modeling to Assist in Eradication of Guinea Worm”


Dr. Lian Qi
“Dynamic contract under Quick Response in a Supply Chain with Information Asymmetry”

Dr. Hugh Medal
“Estimating Wireless Mesh Network Vulnerability”


Dr. Michael Galbreth
“Consumer Returns: Why They Matter, and What Retailers Can Do About Them”

Dr. Carelton Coffrin
“Novel Computing Platforms: Potential & Challenges for Discrete Optimization”

Dr. Clayton Webster
“Learning High-dimensional Systems from Incomplete Data by Optimal Nonlinear Approximations”



Dr. Robert Lieberthal
“Healthcare Fraud: Current Research and Future Directions”


Dr. Yaoping Wang
“The Vulnerability of Existing and Planned Asian Coal-Fired Power Plants to Changes in Climate and Water Resources”

Fall 2018

Dr. Kalyan Perumalla
Towards Enabling GPU-Accelerated Massively Parallel Mixed Integer Programming

Dr. Simon M. Hsiang
“Design and Manage Biomechanical Uncertainty” 


Dr. Jeff Linderoth
“Perspectives on Integer Programming in Sparse Optimization”


Dr. William Paiva
“Artificial Intelligence and Other Analytics Approaches Applied to Digitized Health Care Data” 

Dr. Natashia Boland
“Exploiting Decomposable Structure to Design Better Algorithms for Solving Integer Programs”

Dr. Michael A. Hamilton
Immersive Virtual Training Environment for Teaching Single & Multi-queuing Theory”

Dr. Yang Chen
Swarm Intelligence Based Distributed Transactive Operation of Networked Micro-grids Cluster”

Dr. Javad Seif

Integrating the results of Prognostics in Flight and Maintenance Planning”

Spring 2018

Charles Sims
“Hurry up or wait: The effect of climate change & variability on the timing of water infrastructure investments”

Dr. Lisa Maillart
“Optimal Pooling, Batching & Pasteurizing of Donor Human Milk”



Dr. Georgina Hall
“Large-Scale Semi-definite Programs and Applications to Polynomial Optimization and Machine Learning”

Dr. Reza Skandari
“Patient Type Bayes Adaptive Treatment Plans”



Dr. Krystel Castillo

 “Integrated Data Analytics: Clean Energy and Defense Manufacturing”

Dr. Daniel Finke
“Similarity Metric for Sourcing Support”


Fall 2017

Masoud Barah
“Optimizing Urban Infrastructure Resilience Under Precipitation and Population Growth Uncertainties”

Dr. Vasileios Maroulas
“Classification on the Data Space of Persistence Diagrams”


Dr. Rajiv Saxena
“Supply  Chain Optimization in Action”



Dr. Travis Humble
“Systems and Software for Quantum Computing”



Dr. Alice E. Smith
“Design of Order Picking Warehouses”


Dr. Bo Zeng
Robust and Chance Constrained Optimization in Power and Logistics Systems”

Dr. Pavlo Krokhmal, IE, University of Iowa
“Stochastic Optimization with Certainty Equivalent Measures of Risk”

Dr. Bogdan Bichescu, BAS, UT
“An Investigation of the Implications of Channel Power for Supply Chain Performance”

Dr. Sandra Eksioglu, IE, Clemson
“Optimization Models in Support of Production of Renewable”

Dr. Burak Eksioglu, IE, Clemson
“Optimal Purchasing Strategies with Dual-Sourcing”

Dr. Jindong, Tan, MABE, UT
“Wearable Body Area Networks and Insertable Surgical Cameras”

Dr. Ho-Ling Hwang, CTA, ORNL
“The Ins and Outs of Freight Analysis Framework”

Dr. Ola Harrysson, ISE, NCSU
“From Aerospace to Medical Applications of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Dr. Jamie B. Coble, Nuclear Engineering, UT
“Enhanced Risk Monitors to Support Safe and Economic Operation of Advanced Small Modular Reactors”

Dr. Jeff R. Knisley, East Tennessee State University
“Adventures in Data Science: More is Better”

Dr. Sreenivas Rangan Sukumar, Research Scientist, ORNL
“Graph Computing at Scale”

Dr. Michael Starke, Power System Research Engineer, ORNL
“Secondary-Use Energy Storage for Grid Applications”

Dr. Dharma Acharya, AVP Operations Research, CSX Transportation
“Applications of Operations Research Models at CSX”

Dr. Cole Smith, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Florida
“Revisiting Fortification Algorithms for Facility Interdiction Problems”

Dr. Scott Mason, Industrial Engineering, Clemson
“Lessons from an Industry-Sponsored Career in Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics Research”

Dr. Asad J. Khattak, Civil Engineering, UTK
“What is the Level of Volatility in Instantaneous Driving Decisions”

Dr. Chanaka Edirisinghe, Management Science, UT
“Fleet Routing Position-based Model for Inventory Pickup under Production Shutdown”

Dr. Shih-Miao Chin, ORNL
“Modeling Link Travel Time Reliability with Conditional Probability Models”

Dr. Panos Pardalos, University of Florida
“Data Mining and Optimization Heuristics”

Dr. Andreas A. Malikopoulos, ORNL
“A Duality Framework for Online Optimal Control in Transportation Systems”

Dr. Sebastian Pokutta, Georgia Tech
“Extended Formulations and Information Theory”

Dr. Andrew Trapp, WPI
“Finding Multiple Optimal Solutions to Binary Integer Programs”

Dr. Clark Cheng, Norfolk Southern Railroads
“The Railroad of the Future: Aligning Operations with Customer Requirements for Competitive Advantage”