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We will be a premier industrial and systems engineering department known for a high-impact approach that integrates:

  • pioneering research in the areas of systems analytics and operational excellence,
  • strong student preparation and
  • deep engagement with partners from the government, private and non-profit sectors.


The department is committed to provide a sound modern industrial engineering education, to engage in creative research and to deliver outreach activities through its undergraduate and graduate programs. The department will continuously enhance its performance in the creation, integration and dissemination of knowledge as it relates to the design, implementation, operation, analysis, and improvement of industrial processes and in service to the profession of industrial engineering.


Core Values

The department embraces the following guiding principles: commitment to excellence, diversity of thought, continuous learning, mutual respect, accountability, ethics and integrity, teamwork, and synergy.


The Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering is committed to the pursuit and achievement of the following goals: achieving excellence via national and international recognition for educational and research programs; attracting, retaining, and fostering excellent students, faculty, and superior staff; focusing on activities that will enhance the achievement of national rankings; and engaging in programs that will facilitate improvement in international interactions and intercultural awareness.


We intend to enhance the quality of all undergraduate engineering programs by incorporating distinctive undergraduate experiences which include undergraduate research and public service opportunities. This ensures that all undergraduates gain the knowledge, perspectives and skills necessary to succeed in today’s complex and interdisciplinary world. We offer graduate programs that compete nationally and internationally for the most highly qualified students. We secure new and improved facilities and resources and promote effective utilization of available ones for the purpose of enhancing the department’s educational, research, and service missions.