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EV Policy

Jinglu Song (2)Jinglu Song
Graduate Student
UT Industrial & Systems Engineering Department
Friday, January 29, 2016
2:30-3:30pm  JDT 410


Electric vehicles (EVs) have been considered as an alternative solution to promote sustainable transportation. The study of pricing technology innovation especially EVs could benefit not only EV manufacturers, but also all levels of government agencies. This model studies the dynamics between technology pricing, market acceptance and policy impact. This seminar is consisting of two parts: 1) investigate the market adoption of electric vehicles in the California’s automotive market; 2) policy impact on pricing decision of EVs in this automotive market. In the first part, investigation is based on the Market Acceptance of Advanced Automotive Technologies (MA3T) model from the Oak Ridge National Lab. The results show that the pricing decisions for electric vehicles could be notably influenced by the market perception and the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate (ZEV mandate). From the second part, according to the result, early adopters are the primary targeted segment of the ZEV mandate. If more credits can be granted to affordable EVs, more consumers will be attracted and benefit from this policy.


Jinglu Song is a Ph.D student of Industrial and System Engineering department in the University of Tennessee. He received his M.S. in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Florida in May, 2012, and his B.S. in Optical Science in2008.His research is mainly focused on technology pricing in electric vehicle market. The study utilizes multinomial logit model and develops a methodology to investigate the market acceptance of alternative fuel vehicles, especially electric vehicles, with the impact of government police on technology pricing decisions.