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Systems and Software for Quantum Computing

Travis Humble, PhD
Director of Quantum Computing Institute

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Friday, October 20, 2017  2:30-3:30pm
JDT 410



Quantum computing promises new opportunities for solving hard computational problems, but harnessing this novelty will require breakthrough concepts in the design, operation, and application of computing systems. In this talk, we define some of the system-level challenges facing the development of quantum computing systems as well as software-based approaches that can be used to overcome them. Following a brief overview of the state of the art, we present recent advances in the modeling and simulation of quantum computing systems, the development of architectures for hybrid high-performance computing systems, and the realization of software stacks for controlling quantum devices. This leads to a discussion of the role that conventional computing plays within the quantum paradigm and how some of the current challenges for exascale computing overlap with those facing quantum computing.


Travis Humble is director of the Quantum Computing Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he oversees the development of quantum computing technologies for solving problems in scientific discovery and energy security. Travis received his doctorate in theoretical chemistry from the University of Oregon in 2005. He then joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory as an intelligence community postdoctoral research fellow before becoming a member of the research staff. He was recently awarded the prestigious Department of Energy Early Career Award to research how quantum computing can support high-performance computing applications. Travis also holds a joint faculty appointment with the Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education at the University of Tennessee.