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Senior Designs

Senior designs are also called capstone projects, which are

  • Intensive and comprehensive,
  • Require teamwork,
  • Involve real-world problems, usually supplied by companies and entrepreneurs,
  • Follow the Systems Engineering principles and processes,
  • Require integration and application of IE knowledge and tools, and
  • Involve interactions with users, clients, and other stakeholders with effective written and oral communication.

The projects span two semesters:

First Semester (IE 404): Beginning with the development of a project plan, whereby students define end-user needs, client needs, requirements and constraints, and performance measures. Proceeding through concept design.

Second Semester (IE 422): Conducting preliminary design and detailed design  (system- and component-level), testing, evaluating, and validating the design, and delivering designs to clients.

Each team ultimately produces a working prototype or system design that is tested and refined to meet the project objectives. The project could be for any system but should be comprehensive. The design should follow the Systems Engineering principles and procedures.

2020/2021 Projects

Mike Cassteven, Quality Director
3109 Water Plant Rd, Knoxville, TN 37914

Improve production yield and cost per cup of dark roast high fill weight coffee pods in long fluted filters (LFF) by determining what processes, practices and equipment are needed to achieve a 10% reduction in scrap/rework.

KDP Poster


ROANnet (virtual)

Dayle Beyer

ROANEnet Poster

In an effort to convince stakeholders to buy-in to ROANEnet’s objective to provide accessible and affordable broadband to Roane County residents, our team must create a business plan to cover logistical issues with implementation. As cultural, political, and financial barriers have left Roane County without reliable broadband, our team must compile information about stakeholders, risks, and costs, so that government officials and business entities can understand the need for the project. In order to meet the requirements of digital literacy strategy, we should cover the elements of implementing the network, promoting digital literacy, and providing internet devices. We will work with the other UT project teams and the Program Management Office to cover the business aspects of implementing and operating the broadband network system, including the digital literacy strategy and device access.


EF Engineering Store

Dr. Keith StanfillEF Poster
The University of Tennessee is currently building the new Zeanah Engineering Complex which will house first year Engineering Fundamentals. The Zeanah complex is planned to be nearly all encompassing for Engineering Fundamentals and as such requires an EF shop. This shop will house check-in/check-out tool services as well as sell certain items that EF students may need. Determining and incorporating the best methods to provide these services in a manner that is efficient for the university is the upmost goal.


Healthcare Data Analytics & Visualization Team
Healthcare Poster
Our team will be focusing on the HCUP NIS dataset from 2017 to discover trends and identify trends that possibly have the biggest impact on the healthcare system through the data analytics software, Tableau. We are researching other analyses that have been completed with the 2017 data and previous years data. We are also creating focus questions based on previous knowledge of the healthcare system and published articles related to HCUP NIS data. Once we identify trends, we intend to create a predictive model that can predict certain patient experiences when inside the hospital. The details of the model will be determined as the project continues and a focus is identified.



Sweetwater Valley Farm

John Harrison
17988 W. Lee Highway, Philadelphia,
The main goals of our project are to decrease the cycle time of the cheese cutting and packaging processes. The cheese cutting and packaging process takes approx. two days to complete while cheese making only takes one making cutting and packaging the bottleneck of the system. In doing so, Sweetwater Valley Farms will be able to increase its production of cheese.

Sweetwater Poster


Phillips Forged

John Phillips
1333 Vermont Ave, Knoxville, TNPhillips Poster
Phillips Forged is currently a one-man, custom knife making business, and the high demand for the knives has created a two year backlog of orders. Performing a time study, writing standard work, and determining costs for this process would allow more people to be hired to meet demand.