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Senior Designs

Senior designs are also called capstone projects, which are

  • Intensive and comprehensive,
  • Require teamwork,
  • Involve real-world problems, usually supplied by companies and entrepreneurs,
  • Follow the Systems Engineering principles and processes,
  • Require integration and application of IE knowledge and tools, and
  • Involve interactions with users, clients, and other stakeholders with effective written and oral communication.

The projects span two semesters:

First Semester (IE 404): Beginning with the development of a project plan, whereby students define end-user needs, client needs, requirements and constraints, and performance measures. Proceeding through concept design.

Second Semester (IE 422): Conducting preliminary design and detailed design  (system- and component-level), testing, evaluating, and validating the design, and delivering designs to clients.

Each team ultimately produces a working prototype or system design that is tested and refined to meet the project objectives. The project could be for any system but should be comprehensive. The design should follow the Systems Engineering principles and procedures.

2018/2019 Projects


TN Lab Supply
10521 Research Drive, Suite 104, Knoxville, TN 37932
The project’s primary focus will be in the development of the manufacturing process, machinery and process documentation for this new factory startup. The focus will be within the four walls of the factory, starting with receipt of raw materials, processing, final packing, and finished goods storage.


Fulton: A United Flexible Company

Luther A. Anderson, ISE Graduate Student
2801 Reddog Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37914
The project’s primary focus will be in the development of value stream analysis to pinpoint specific opportunities, and then develop/lead a cross-functional team in a continuous improvement (Kaizen) blitz. This will include reviewing and improving the existing visual scheduling systems, implementing Kanban pull replenishment inventory, and identifying/reducing the 7 wastes associated with lean production. 



Danny Burchfield/Mike Eggeman
Lean Six Sigma Deployment Manager
Vonore, TN 37885
CVG – Develop raw material containers from supplier that are production line compatible. Container will function as Kanban Card once returned to supplier. One supplier with about 100 RM SKU’s will be the pilot.



Clayton Homes

Will Love
Continuous Improvement Manager
1765 Genesis Rd., Crossville, TN
CH – Analyze and redesign window line to increase capacity from 1,800 units/day to 2,000 units per day, while maintaining same workforce.



Krawlers Edge

Emily Davis
Kincer Engineering & Design, LLC
3827 Jay Kerr Rd., Rockford, TN 37853
KE – Refine materials database and expand new product.

Refine production line process

Update EOQ, ROP, SS. Make/Buy analysis for new equipment.

Focus on purchasing – blanket orders, multi-price points, etc.



Interfaith Healthclinic

Melissa Knight
Executive Director
315 Gill Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917
IF – IF is transitioning to Electronic medical Records from a paper-based system. Standard work and Work Instructions are required to sustain volunteer-based processes



Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Chris Hall
Develop a simulation of the current ED process to determine if some fine-tuning of the process will improve current results. This will then serve as a basis for simulation of the new ED.



T & T Scientific

Nima Tamaddoni, PhD
Moody Ave, Knoxville, TN 37920
TT-Develop Supply Chain process to include pull replenishment system, ROP, LT, SS. Design process flow for product assy. Design Visual Scheduling system. Will be relocating to larger facility Sept/Oct. 




Natisha Sims
VP of Operations
10545 Hardin Valley Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932
GS – Develop Supply Chain process to include pull replenishment system, ROP, LT, SS. Develop inventory procedure for product obsolescence. Design Visual Scheduling system.