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Master’s Program

The ISE Department has the Following Master’s Programs

  • Industrial Engineering Major, MS
  • Dual MS-MBA Program – Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering Management, MS
  • Reliability and Maintainability Engineering, MS – Industrial Engineering Concentration

Students who enroll in the Master of Science program may select a concentration in engineering management. Non-Tennessee residents who are online students and do not use any on campus facilities will pay a reduced rate for Out-of-State Tuition at only $75/hour.

For more information about the departmental policy regarding our graduate program, please check the Graduate Handbook For your convenience, all forms are available in MS Word.

Minor in Statistics

A minor in statistics under the Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics Program (IGSP) is available in the Master of Science program with a major in industrial engineering. Six semester course hours in approved courses in statistics, in addition to program core course IE 516 (Statistical Method in Industrial Engineering), are required to complete the minor. The minor program in statistics is directed within the department. Students interested in adding this minor to their graduate program should consult with their major professor.

Master’s Committee

A committee composed of the major professor (chairperson) and at least two other faculty members (at least one of the two must be from industrial engineering), all at the rank of assistant professor or above, should be formed early in a student’s program. The committee assists the student with his or her thesis or project work and conducts the final examination. If the minor in statistics is part of the student’s program, one member of the committee must be from the Department of Statistics. The major professor and the student are responsible for forming the committee and advising the graduate secretary. This is required for the completion of the Application for Admission to Candidacy form.


A student presenting a thesis or project must pass a comprehensive oral examination. In the case of a project, this is supplemented by a written exam, which is determined by the student’s graduate committee. The examination, which is concerned with coursework and the thesis or project work, is to determine the ability of the candidate to integrate material in the major and related fields. The final draft of the thesis or project document, approved by the major professor, must be distributed to all committee members at least two weeks prior to the date of the final examination. Students in the MS/MBA dual degree program in manufacturing will take a comprehensive written examination near the end of the summer semester in which the six semester hour “integrated culminating experience in manufacturing engineering and management” is taken.

Except with prior approval from the Graduate School, the examination must be given in university-approved facilities. It must be scheduled through the Office of Graduate Admissions and Records (use the Recommended Arrangements for Final Examination form) in accordance with deadlines specified in the Graduate School News, and will be conducted by the student’s master’s committee. In case of failure, the candidate may not apply for reexamination until the following semester. The result of the second examination is final. Students in the engineering management concentration, however, may schedule their exam through the Engineering Management Office in Tullahoma. This office will then contact the Office of Graduate Admissions and Records to complete the scheduling process.

Time Limits

Candidates have six calendar years from the time of enrollment in the Graduate School to complete the degree. Students who change degree programs during this six-year period may be granted an extension after review and approval by the Graduate School. In any event, courses used toward a master’s degree must have been taken within six calendar years of graduation.

Program Milestones

  1. Acceptance of application into the MS program by the ISE Graduate Committee.
  2. Select the area of specialization and obtain (make arrangements with) a supporting major professor (preferably by the end of the first semester in the program).
  3. Complete any prerequisite courses as soon as feasible.
  4. Near end of completion of coursework requirements:
    1. Identify (establish) the master’s committee (major professor is the chairperson;must include at least two other faculty members, all at the rank of assistant professor or above).
    2. Prepare design (capstone) project or thesis proposal. Coordinate with other members of the master’s committee after approval by the major professor.
  5. Submit the master’s Admission to Candidacy Application form.
  6. Complete the coursework requirements.
  7. Complete project or thesis work.
  8. Pass final examination (use Recommended Arrangements for Final Examination form to schedule the exam).
  9. Complete all administrative requirements and degree is conferred; maximum of six years.