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Graduate Shout Outs

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adam larkey

congratulations? you did it!

Samuel Trevino-Martinez

Congratulations, Dr. Sam!
You were my first TA, but I think you helped me learn as much as you helped the students that semester! Thank you.
I look forward to future collaborations - Good luck and keep in touch!

Seyed Arab

Congratulations, Aran!

Michael Zheng

Congratulations, Michael!

Frank Gao

Congratulations, Frank!

Corey Williams

Congratulations, Corey! Keep making a difference!

Abbey Williams

Congratulations, Abbey!

Philip Throckmorton

Congratulations, Philip!

Somer Olmstead

Congratulations, Somer!

Daniel O'Leary

Congratulations, Daniel!

Andrew McClaurine

Congratulations, Drew!

McCuiston Malesh

Lee - Congratulations, and GBO!

Dalton Bickel

Congratulations, Dalton!

Wojih Akeel

Congratulations, Wojih!

Ryan Fehr

Congratulations, Ryan! Good luck and GBO!

Alexander McCullar

Congratulations, Trice! Good luck and keep in touch! GBO!

Kizer Harris

Congratulations, Kizer! Good luck and GBO!

Nathaniel Allen

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing how you make a difference in the world - GBO!

Mark Randolph

Congratulations, Mark!

Samantha Stripling

Congratulations, Sam! You did it - GBO!

Jonathan Luck

Congratulations, Jonathan!
Go forth and make a difference! Keep in touch, and GBO!

Jacob Isaacs

Congratulations, and Good Luck in grad school!

Allison Trentham

Congratulations, Al!
It's time to go make a difference in the world in your own way - keep in touch as you do it! GBO!

Eduardo Tomazeli

Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to hearing all of your new adventures and successes!

Gabby Schuck

Good luck, Gabby! Wish we had played some tennis together, but maybe on your return 🙂
Go forth and make your mark!