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Vincent Paquit, PhD

ORNL Joint Faculty Assistant Professor


Dr. Vincent C. Paquit is a research scientist in the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research (EESR) Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) pursuing research and development efforts in the Computer Vision and Image Processing area, with a predilection for multispectral and multidimensional data understanding. Before joining ORNL, he worked at the University of Burgundy (France) as an engineer in technology transfer for the Laboratoire Electronique Informatique Image (Le2i) for all commercial and technical applications in the fields of Electronic, Computer Science and Signal Processing. Since then, Dr. Paquit has been an active member of the Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning (ISML) group, working on multiple projects and programs supporting two core missions of the Department of Energy: Energy sustainability and National Security. He is contributing to ORNL’s scientific endeavor by conceiving, designing and implementing complex computer vision and multidimensional imaging systems – combining both hardware and software development – to perform quantitative analysis of complex datasets and/or to make quantitative measurement of various objects. Currently, Dr. Paquit is the lead scientist for the Data-analytics Framework for Additive Manufacturing project at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF). This project aims at better understanding additive manufacturing process for the purpose of process certification and control. His research interests include applied signal and image processing, algorithm development on GPU platform, 2D and 3D image segmentation, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, biomedical imaging, pattern recognition, remote sensing data understanding, and machine learning. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, one book chapter, submitted multiple invention disclosures and patent applications, and served on program committees of several international conferences.