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PJ Vlok, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor


PJ Vlok grew up in South Africa and holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Industrial Engineering, both received from the University of Pretoria. PJ is a registered professional engineer and has worked and lived in Southern Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East over the last 20 years, advancing the field of Physical Asset Management.

PJ has been involved with research at the University of Stellenbosch for the last 10 years of which the last 3 were on a full time basis where he founded the Asset Care Research Group. He relocated to Knoxville, TN in April 2015 to join a tech-startup but still contributes to the Asset Care Research Group at Stellenbosch University where he is appointed as extraordinary professor. He was recently appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of UT where he hopes to contribute to the field of Industrial Engineering over time.

PJ is a huge fan of classic American automobiles, is a big aviation enthusiast and is a humble student of the sport of football.


Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering-- University of Pretoria

 PhD in Industrial Engineering-- University of Pretoria

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