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RFID Production Lab

Lab Advisor: Rapinder Sawheny
Lab Asistant: Qi Yuan
Tel: 865-974-3511
Laboratory Location: 304 East Stadium Hall


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is very popular in the modern world. One of the emerging applications is to connect trading partners and align supply chains. RFID reduces the complication of supply chain coordination, and minimizes the labor required for materials management and replenishment. Just-in-time (JIT), asset tracking, patient monitoring, are excellent candidates to save money with RFID.


  • Alien RFID Gateway
  • Bowh RFID Server
  • Desktop Dell computers
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Tag (T-S-E-D Series)
  • Supply Chain Simulation Platform.

Developing Capabilities

The Lab will provide capabilities for the development of new RFID technologies and prototype designs. It will support the evaluation of RFID tag and RFID-assisted tagged localization methods, collision avoidance techniques, and signal propagation characteristics [2]. The lab will invite RFID experts to instruct the RFID knowledge used in business applications, on how to identify major standards, and to improve safety, security, accuracy, and convenience.

Future Capabilities

The goal of this Lab is to become a leading provider of RFID research in our region, and promote collaboration and partnership with RFID industries. The mission of the lab can be stated as follows:

  • To conduct innovative research in RFID development and implementation.
  • To educate students and professionals through seminars and provide facilities for conducting experiments.
  • To promote the applications of RFID in industries such as supply chain (Professor Zhu), healthcare (Professor Li), retail, and library.
  • To provide consultation services to manufacturers, business, and government sectors in their evaluation or implementation of RFID.