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Engineering Management Concentration



Admission is open to graduates of ABET-accredited ( undergraduate curricula in engineering, or graduates of other technical curricula who satisfy prerequisites depending on their academic backgrounds. GPA 2.7 out of 4.0 for U.S. degree holders and 3.0 out of 4.0 (B – Average) for non-U.S. degree holders (consideration given to those with 5+ years professional experience).

Domestic Student Requirements

International Student Requirements


Three application deadlines each year! 

Applications accepted all year for three terms; fall (August), spring (January), and summer (late May). Final U.S. student applications are due two weeks before each term. International (non-U.S.) student applicants use the following general deadlines:

Term Deadline File Completion Deadline


Fall February 1st May 15th
Spring  June 15th October 1st
Summer October 15th February 15th

Can’t make the term, your admissions will hold for one year – just contact us to change your entry term.

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When you need – Where you are located!

Program is designed for the working professional. Online material and recorded lectures and seminars allows one to “go to class” when busy schedules permit.

How Long?

This is not some stripped down online degree. This is the full University of Tennessee Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management. The same degree as our full-time on-campus students – delivered by one of the most experienced distance/online faculty around.

This is the full University of Tennessee MS in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management degree. Full-time working professionals typically complete the requirements in three to five years.

Why a Degree in Engineering Management?

Our Master and Doctoral Industrial Engineering Programs, emphasizing Engineering Management, provide practicing engineers with an experience balancing technical depth with leadership, project management, financial management, technology transfer, ethical and legal perspectives, team relations, organizational behavior and continuous quality improvement. It empowers you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead technical organizations or processes to success.

UT’s Engineering Management Program

* Develops the knowledge, skills, and attitude required for engineers to manage technical organization.
* Is designed for the working engineer who could be located anywhere is the world.
* Provides classes that are streamed live and recorded for later reviewing.
* Began 1983 and is ranked in top 30
* Helps you gain access to a network of talented peers
* Has manageable tuition with minimal out-of-state tuition.
* Allows you to earn a top-ranked U.S. degree without leaving your job or your country.
* Permits the start of the program from home, while you work and while you go through the U.S. visa process. Students can complete the program in the U.S. with an OPT experience.