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Spring 2020 Commencement Header

Virtual Commencement Ceremony

Although the coronavirus has delayed our in-person commencement ceremony, we are too proud of our graduates to let May go by without celebrating their amazing achievements.

We hope you’ll help us share this special time by leaving a shout-out below, joining in the festivities on social media with #UTGrad2020, and browsing the content we’ll be adding here throughout the month of May.

For more 2020 commencement content, visit the Tickle College of Engineering’s commencement page and UT’s commencement page.

ISE Graduate Shout Outs

We’re collecting messages below for industrial engineering graduates. Whether you’re a parent, friend, or a fellow grad, submit a public shout out to a single industrial engineering graduate or the entire class of 2020. Check out our graduate messages:

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Jonathan Luck

Congratulations, Jonathan!
Go forth and make a difference! Keep in touch, and GBO!

Jacob Isaacs

Congratulations, and Good Luck in grad school!

Allison Trentham

Congratulations, Al!
It's time to go make a difference in the world in your own way - keep in touch as you do it! GBO!

Eduardo Tomazeli

Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to hearing all of your new adventures and successes!

Gabby Schuck

Good luck, Gabby! Wish we had played some tennis together, but maybe on your return 🙂
Go forth and make your mark!

Van Nguyen

Congratulations, Van! GBO!

Remi Koch

Congratulations, Remi!
Keep in touch while you are making your mark on the world!

David Hammett

Congratulations, David!

David Hammett

Congratulations, David!

Zebulun Eggers

Congratulations, Zeb! It has been a pleasure watching you grow and succeed! I can't wait to see what you do next. GBO!

Madelaine Bayless

Congratulations! I know your conscientious, focused, amazing work will continue in your next step - go make your mark on the world!

ISE Class Spring 2020

Congrats to all the ISE graduates! You have accomplished a milestone that will always be a part of you - a great technical degree. Blessings to you as you use your skills to create a better world for all to come. I am so very proud of each one of you!

Ashley Chen

So proud of you, Ashley. You are so creative and energetic - I have such high expectations for your professional success.

Ashley Chen

Ashley, congratulations on graduating!!! We are all so proud of you. Thank you so much for being a bright spark and being so engaged and willing to help out so much. You are a true Volunteer! I can't wait to see what you do after graduating. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you're making the world a better place!

Adam Larkey

Congratulations, Adam!
Your talent, humor, and attitude have been a great mix for our department and College - you will be a success in whatever you attempt. Keep playing music and smiling...
Go forth and make your mark!

Chulin Chen

Watch out world - you're about to have a man of many talents released to make his mark!

Chulin - you have been a pleasure to know and teach since my very first day as a professor. Thank you for the assistance and improvements as my TA this semester - your skills are very valued!

Ashley Chen

Congratulations to you!
You inspire, motivate, and improve the world around you - I can't wait to see what graduate school and the future holds!
Thank you for being our inaugural Outreach Ambassador 🙂

Class of 2020

Congratulations to each one of you! YOU DID IT and you should be proud. I know I am very proud of each of you. Good luck and don't be a stranger. Go ISE, Go VOLS!

Madelaine Bayless

Congrats to Madelaine and all ISE 2020 graduates!

2020 ISE Graduates 2020 ISE Graduates

It doesn't seem that long ago I got to know you in IE201. You've all grown so much as people and as industrial engineers. Your attitudes, talents and skills will serve you well in life. COVID-19 won't be the last system shock you will need to adjust to. I know you will overcome all your future challenges.
Go ISE! Go Vols!