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Category Archives: ISE Students

The sustainability research performed by the ISE students and faculty has benefited from diverse funding sources to produce results that have global, national, and regional implications.

ISE grad student Kaitlyn Daniel was awarded a first-place prize at this year’s Graves Business Plan Competition.

The East Tennessee Initiative for Smart Energy Management (ETISE) brings current Engineering Vols together with participating regional companies for collaboration on energy- and cost-efficient practices in manufacturing.

PhD student Ezgi Gursel won an award from the US Department of Energy for making it easier to catch human errors in nuclear power plants.

ISE’s “Applied Human Factors and Art in Italy” mini-term connects modern discoveries, inventions, and artwork to early Florentine influences.

ISE students tackle several projects for the iconic machinery, heavy equipment, and agricultural tool producer John Deere.

ISE graduate Sam Beall was recognized as a distinguished alumnus for exhibiting characteristics of the Volunteer spirit; strength, leadership, and service.

ISE senior Conor Koesterman exemplifies living the Volunteer spirit through his dedication and participation in local area clubs and as an ISE ambassador.

ISE junior Jessie Wilson has felt a sense of community in her time as a Volunteer. Her community engagement through ISE proves she lives the Volunteer spirit.

PhD student Jianxin Xie has focused her research on applying machine-learning in the medical field to improve health care processes and systems.